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Mr. Ryan Rodriguez is a licensed California Attorney who graduated from Loyola Law School.  In law school, his primary focus and specialization was in the area of criminal procedure, practice, and litigation.   While there he enjoyed and excelled in courses covering the basic constitutional rights associated with the investigation and adjudication of criminal cases.  As part of his education and specialization in criminal law, he was instructed and trained by former Deputy District Attorneys, prominent defense attorneys, and Assistant United States’ Attorneys from the Department of Justice.  

As a student, he was selected from many to participate in the Hobbs Trial Advocacy Program.  This program is well recognized throughout Southern California as one of the most prestigious and effective means for preparing law school graduates for successful careers as prosecutors in the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office.  As part of the program, he was assigned an externship with District Attorney’s office where he was able to sharpen his skills in trial litigation and become the first law student at the courthouse to litigate and obtain a guilty verdict in a criminal trial.

After an extensive hiring process, he was one of a selective group of individuals hired to become a prosecutor for the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office.  He received well over a hundred hours of training in every aspect of a jury trial, including but not limited to: advanced trial preparation, interaction with the media on high profile cases, and everything from effective jury selection to the penalty phase, all using the latest in courtroom technology. As a prosecutor, he handled several thousand arraignments, pretrial motions, suppression hearings, in excess of 1,000 preliminary hearings, dozens of jury trials and sentencing hearings, all with a strong track record for success.  Later in his career, he was offered and accepted a promotion to become a Deputy District Attorney for the Orange County District Attorney’s Office where he continued with his success. 

After several years as a prosecutor, with experience in both Los Angeles and Orange County, Mr. Rodriguez started his own criminal defense practice, and placed his extensive knowledge and vast experience in defending others.  With his experience and many achievements on both sides of the criminal justice system, his vast knowledge and understanding of the law, and the ability to speak both English and Spanish fluently, he confidently handles any type of criminal case; whether it is defending a DUI or something as serious as Murder.  As early as 2012, Mr. Rodriguez was named to Super Lawyers Rising Stars list, a list of which no more than 2.5 percent of lawyers in California are named to, and has since received many more awards and accolades.

If you happen to be faced with a situation that requires legal assistance or guidance, it is important to have someone competent on your side that you can trust will represent you while keeping your best interests as their primary focus.  Mr. Rodriguez believes that each of his clients cases should get the attention they deserve.  As such, unlike other attorneys who pass on their work load to junior associates, he only handles a select amount of cases to insure that he handles them all directly. 

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A felony is a crime that is punishable with death or by imprisonment in the state prison. Every other crime or public offense is a misdemeanor except those offenses that are classified as infractions.

As a Orange County and Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney, Ryan Rodriguez handles all types of felonies.

Felonies we successfully handle in Orange County, Los Angeles, Riverside, and San Bernardino County areas include but are not limited to the following:

  • Murder
  • Attempted Murder
  • Manslaughter
  • Sexual Assault
  • Domestic Violence
  • Kidnapping
  • Burglary
  • Robbery
  • Assault with a Deadly Weapon
  • Drug Charges
  • Fraud
  • Gun Charges

If you have been charged with a felony in the Los Angeles or Orange County area, your freedom is at stake. You need to speak with Mr. Rodriguez immediately. It's a free consultation where we will go over your options and strategy.

The Orange County and Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorneys at the Law Offices of Ryan Rodriguez are experienced attorneys handling all types of felony cases.  Contact a Los Angeles and Orange County Felony Defense attorney today.


A felony is a crime that is punishable with death or by imprisonment in the state prison. Every other crime or public offense is a misdemeanor except those offenses that are classified as infractions.  Misdemeanors tend to involve less severe consequences.  In California, it is much easier to petition for the expungement of a misdemeanor charge than it is for a felony charge.  That is why criminal defense attorneys try to get their clients charges dismissed or reduced to misdemeanor offenses.  Convictions for misdemeanor offenses can result in jail time for one year or less, fines of up to $1,000, community service, and probation.  

Ryan Rodriguez is a Los Angeles and Orange County Criminal Defense Lawyer who handles all types of arrests and misdemeanors in Orange County, Los Angeles, Riverside, and San Bernardino counties.

Misdemeanors we successfully handle in the Southern California area include but are not limited to:

  • DUI’s
  • Domestic Violence
  • Hit and Run
  • Driving without a Valid California Driver License
  • Driving without Insurance
  • Drug Possession
  • Drunk in Public
  • Battery
  • Trespass
  • Loitering
  • Vandalism
  • Petty Theft

If you have been charged with a Misdemeanor in Southern California, please call the Law Offices of Ryan Rodriguez.

Super Lawyers Rising Star


Super Lawyers Rising Star

Selected by Super Lawyers as a Rising Star.  No more than 2.5% of attorneys in Southern California are named to this list.

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Avvo Clients' Choice Award

Other Recognitions

Top 100 DUI Lawyers

Recognized by the National Advocacy for DUI Defense as one of the top 100 Driving Under the Influence attorneys in Southern California.

Top 40 Under 40

Recognized by the National Trial Lawyers as one of the Top 40 under 40

Top 10 under 40

Recognized by the National Academy of Criminal Defense Lawyers as the one of the Top 10 under 40


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